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Proof Testing

The WORK PLACES (HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE) REGULATIONS, L.N. 52/1986 (S.L. 424.09) specify that:

“all chains, ropes and lifting tackle in use shall be thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once in every period of six months or at such greater intervals as may be prescribed;”


“no chain, rope or lifting tackle, except a fibre rope or fibre rope sling, shall be taken into use in any work place for the first time in that work place unless it has been tested and thoroughly examined by a competent person and a certificate of the test and examination specifying the safe working load and signed by the person making the test and examination has been obtained and is kept available for inspection;”


At Vella Mechanical Services, we offer the service of proof testing of chains, wire ropes, slings and other similar items used with lifting and offshore equipment with a maximum load of 200 tons.

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